Connecting the Dots at the Food and Wine Conference #FWCon


If you follow my Instagram account then you were well aware that I was whooping it up a few weekends ago with my fanatic food tribe at the Food and Wine Conference in Orlando. If this is your first time hearing about the conference, the idea was conceived 3 years ago by a community of bloggers called Sunday Supper with our fearless leader Isabel Laessig of Family Foodie at the helm. This is my third year attending the conference and this time around it felt more like a reunion than a conference. Obviously, there were many who I've met before, met for the first time after chatting online, and of course many more who were totally new! I followed Andrew Wilder's advice and met at least 3 new people. Tribe, family, call it what you want. It was awesome to be completely surrounded by those who share the same passion. And I'm not just talking about us bloggers. The sponsors, speakers and brands truly impressed me with their devotion to their job and their passion ...

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Some Korean Flavor…

I am What I Eat

“I bought a 22 pound turkey. It was the biggest one they had!” My mom always announced the weight of the bird as if to declare the start of the holidays. The huge Butterball, still encased in plastic, bobbed in the one of the two basins of her stainless steel sink. The size of the…

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Video: How to Make Kimchi Jigae

Jigae, or what I like to call a soupy stew, is typically made with meat, seafood, or vegetables and seasoned with dwaen jang and/or kochujang. It’s served boiling hot with a side of rice. Kimchi jigae is definitely a bowl of comfort for me. Try this recipe the next time you have some overly ripe…

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Chadol Dwaenjang Jigae |

Chadol Dwaenjang Jigae (Beef Brisket Soybean Stew)

Yet another variation on dwaenjang  jigae – a soupy stew that uses fermented soybean paste as its base. As I’ve mentioned before; jigae is not as thick as a stew, nor is it as thin as a soup, but right in between! This version uses brisket; the fatty sinewy part of the brisket. The beef…

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My 7 Links – Ever Evolving

Marie Asselin of Food Nouveau nominated me to take part in Tripbase’s 7 Links Project.  The goal of the project is to “unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.”…

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