Ojingeo Bokkeum (Korean Spicy Stir-fried Squid) #SundaySupper

Ojingeo Bokkeum #SundaySupper | www.kimchimom.com

We are up visiting my parents for our last summer hurrah. It's a whole lot of eating and not doing much which I think is perfect before the whirlwind of back to school schedules next week. My mom has been cooking non-stop making sure there is enough food for all us. This means Korean food all day everyday. This means Korean food all day everyday. My dad has his vegetable garden and the bounty has been great for the kids' favorite soup, hobak jun (pan-fried zucchini), ssam, as well as tomatoes and cucumbers to munch on. I don't know if you've noticed, but I have been in a cooking slump for the better part of this year with some sparks of inspiration. And with all this R & R, I'm hoping to get rejuvenated for some more sparks this year! Ojingeo bokkeum is a perennial favorite among Koreans and can be found on most menus of Korean restaurants. Every now and then I crave this dish and order it when I go out, but disappointment quickly ensues when I bite into an oily, rubbery ...

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Some Korean Flavor…


Changes with a side of radish salad

I’m trying to make changes in our household. Small changes. My goal is to cook and eat more healthily, and waste less food. Ever since I read Kat Flinn’s Kitchen Counter Cooking School, I’ve been “thinking” more about food. Not just fantasizing about restaurants and the hottest trends, but just being more thoughtful in what…

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Beosot Muchim (seasoned mushrooms with cabbage)

Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on us as I write this post. I’m looking out the window and the trees have started thrashing with every gust of wind. Yesterday morning some sort of survival mode switch clicked inside me and I have been cooking for the past two days, baking bread, making chicken stock, and…

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Kkang dwaen jang

The first time I had this salty concoction was last summer when my parents stayed with us. One day, my mom made a small panful after speaking on the phone with my grandmother. (Note: My mom called her mom EVERY week. She’s such a good daughter!) After stinking up the apartment with the sweet smell…

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