Curried Sauteed Shrimp with Coconut Milk #WeekdaySupper

Curried Shrimp #WeekdaySupper | www.kimchimom.comThis recipe I have today for Weekday Supper is inspired by a recipe in Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s cookbook, Simple to Spectacular. JGV is a French chef who has an empire of restaurants around the world. My most memorable dining experience has been at his namesake restaurant in New York City, Jean-Georges. He is also known for infusing Asian flavors into his dishes after having spend time working and travelling through Asia. Not only that, he’s so nice and down to earth! So is his gorgeous wife, Marja!

Chatting it up with Jean-Georges.

Chatting it up with Jean-Georges.

BFF! Okay...not really...

BFFs! Okay…not really…

Marja Vongerichten and me!

Oh Marja!

I have made this dish numerous times using chicken thighs. This Thai-inspired dish is really easy to make and full of flavor. Today I decided to swap out the chicken for shrimp as part of a tribute to National Shrimp Day. Yes people, May 10 is National Shrimp Day!

Sunday Supper Movement

Notes: Obviously, you can use chicken instead of shrimp. And if you’re using fresh lemongrasss for the first time, cut the end of the bulb and then cut about a 2-inch section. Peel away the tough outer layers and mince. These layers will be a little dry and will be hard to chew if left in. If you can’t find fresh lemongrass, substitute 1 teaspoon of dried lemongrass. If you can’t find dried lemongrass, omit it or add a little zest of lemon. 


Curried Sauteed Shrimp with Coconut Milk

Yields 4 servings

1 pound shrimp that has been peeled, cleaned, and deveined
1 teaspoon of your favorite curry powder
Kosher salt
1 teaspoon minced fresh chile OR red pepper flakes
1 Tablespoon minced lemongrass
3 Tablespoons canola oil or other neutral oil
1 small can (about 5.5 ounces) of coconut milk
1/2 cup chicken broth
2 Tablespoons Thai fish sauce
1/2 cup roughly chopped cilantro

Cooked basmati rice (to serve)

1 – Toss the chicken with curry powder, a pinch of salt, chile (or red pepper), and lemongrass.


2 – Heat a medium-sized skillet over medium-high heat and add oil. Once the oil starts shimmering, add the shrimp. Cook the shrimp until it starts to turn a light pink. Add the broth and coconut milk and turn the heat to medium.

3 – Cook for another 2 to 3 minutes until the shrimp turn opaque. Add the fish sauce and stir to combine.

4 – Garnish with cilantro and serve with rice.

Curried Shrimp #WeekdaySupper |

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  • Miss Kim @ behgopa

    I’ve been looking to add new dishes into the category I call “comfort food”. I think this will be one of them! I’ve had dishes similar to this, but it’s been a while..and it’s not something that I have too often. But I think I’ll start having them more often now. My palate has been getting bored….need to add more novelty and excitement.

    • kimchi_mom

      I hope this dish adds “excitement” to your palate! I’m not lying when I say that it’s super easy. Let me know how it turns out for you!

  • Renee Dobbs

    Bookmarking this one. You have no idea how much I love Thai and all the flavors in this dish. Plus it’s beautiful! Fabulous recipe.

    • kimchi_mom

      It is not shy on flavors and heat! I hope you like it!

  • Chef Di

    This sounds fantastic! I’ve never cooked with lemongrass and was happy to recently find it in my grocery store. Beautiful pics too…. thanks for this great recipe!

    • kimchi_mom

      Thanks! Yeah, I could tie a piece of lemongrass to my nose…love the smell! :-) I hope you enjoy the dish!

  • Alice Choi

    Amy!!! I can’t believe you got to meet Jean-Georges and Marja!!! OMG, I would have died. Great photos (you look great)!!! And hello. . LOVE this dish! My kids love shrimp like crazy so I am definitely going to try this one! Love this and looks fantastic!

    • kimchi_mom

      Woman! I did DIE! The pictures were taken at the launch party for Kimchi Chronicles a few years ago. There were other celebrities there too…I chatted it up with Jeffrey Steingarten (a curious fellow) and I stared at Wolverine and Heather Graham all night. It was my one and only celebrity-studded event that I’ve attended. So much excitement for one suburban mom.

  • Alice Choi

    And girl, we must know. . what are you going to do re: the hair?! you have a skinny face so you could totally pull it off!

  • Nancy

    Ames, how cool for you to have met Jean-Georges…although I think you were a bit more smitten with his wife, Marja 😉 I love all the flavours in this curry! I could eat Thai food everyday. Thanks for showing me how to use fresh lemongrass – I had no idea which part to cut and use. I have minced lemongrass in my freezer so that I always have it on hand. Reading your comment to Alice below, why don’t I see any pix here of you and Wolverine? I hope you at least tried photo bombing him throughout the event!

  • Ann Mah

    I’ve heard so any wonderful things about this cookbook and can’t wait to try this recipe. And — you and Jean-Georges… Magnifique!


    This beautiful appetising coconut shrimp reminds me of some of my “vaguely Asian” experiments where I mix Thai, Indian, Chinese…. (I also love mixing Indian curry and Thai fish sauce). It looks quick, easy, but bursting with bold flavours. I have never heard of this cookbook, so thank you so much for the recommendation.

    • kimchi_mom

      The cookbook is great. I’ve made so many dishes from it!

  • Courtney @ Neighborfood

    I love this! These flavors sound amazing together. What a great Weeknight supper!

    • kimchi_mom

      Thanks Courtney!