Thursday Three – Top Recipes and Wrapping it up

My last Thursday Three post this year!

1 – Twelve for ’12

This is always fun. These were my top 12 most popular posts for 2012.

12) Rolling with Kimbap

11) Recipe for Homemade Spiced Ham a.k.a. SPAM

10) Spicy Seoulful Pulled Pork Sandwiches

9) Bokum Bap (Korean-style fried rice)

8) Korean Short Rib Soup (kalbi tang)

7) Blanquette de veau a l’ancienne (veal stew) 

6) Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup (Jjamppong)

5) Crack Pie, I Can’t Quit You

4) Pa Jun or Korean Scallion Pancakes

3) Bibim naeng myun (Korean spicy cold noodles)

2) Kalbi Jjim + Slow Cooker = Meaty goodness!

And the #1 post this year (interestingly enough)….

1) The Best Vegetarian Chili EVER

Vegetarian Chili |

 2 – Mandoo Wrap Party

Mandoo |

I was at Whole Foods today to buy my ingredients for mandoo for my duk mandoo soup, a soup that is typically eaten on New Year’s Day (the rice cake is supposed to bring health and prosperity in the new year). Anyway, I found all the ingredients for the mandoo filling, but I couldn’t find the Nasoya eggroll wrappers in its usual cooler. I chased down an associate and asked if they still carried “wonton” wrappers. The associate cheerily replied that they were sold out. Sold out? Really? Then a totally insane notion flashed through my cold-induced hazy head that maybe I should try making the  wrappers from scratch. I returned home and searched for a recipe and found this one. I’ll sleep on it and let you know what I decide, though this cold is really deterring me from wanting to do anything. Enough of my whining, what are some of your New Year’s Day traditions?

3 – Happy New Year!

I swear each year goes by faster and faster. It’s been a fun year, made more fun by #SundaySupper! The only resolution I make every year is NOT to make any resolutions. :-) I’m looking forward to 2013 and will continue to challenge myself, try new recipes (like, homemade ramen noodles and homemade tofu), and maybe even attend at least one food blogging conference. Happy new year! See you in 2013!

Photo: istockphoto

Photo: istockphoto


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  • Kim Watkinson

    Thank you for sharing this fantastic 2013 menu planner, Amy =)

    Love to try your kimbap recipe as it reminds me of a variation of Japanese futomaki. Thanks to you, I’m now properly inspired to purchase the Momofuku cookbook and try out the Can’t Quit You Crack Pie.

  • Paula @ Vintage Kitchen

    We seem to have the same NY resolution! Happy 2013!

  • Sommer Jones

    Happy New Year and belated Merry Christmas! In 2013, I will make some mandoo. I promise…..I’ve been craving it for nearly two years…. My new years traditions are grapes, doughnuts, pork, leafy greens, and good ol’ black eyed peas! Er….that;s about it. I do want to start decorating a New Year’s tree!

  • Alice Choi

    I like the idea of not making any resolutions!! And dude, those recipes for homemade tofu and ramen noodles DO look challenging! AWesome!! Happy New Year Amy! Cheers!