Thursday Three – Helloooo Summer!

Here are three things I’m obsessed about this week.

Photo by Justin Schwartz /

1 – Zucchini “pasta”

Years ago I tried a summer squash “spaghetti” for the first time and, uh, let’s just say I couldn’t go beyond the first bite. But then I saw this post by Justin Schwarts over at Justcook NYC featuring zucchini “pasta”. These pale green ribbons looked elegant and perfect., and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! I’ve seriously been considering reducing the amount of carbohydrates that I eat  and this post is a godsend since pasta and rice are my weaknesses. The cogs in the noggin have started churning. I can’t wait to experiment with this!

2 – Fudgesicles

Not sure how I stumbled upon this website, Foodie with Family, but so glad I did! She hooked me in with her post for Fudgesicle Frosty and Homemade Fudgesicles. No added sugar? No dairy? And her 5 boys loved them? Sign me up! They are so easy to make and MY kids love them. The ingredients? Unsweetened coconut milk, avocado, dates, and unsweetened cocoa powder. Intrigued? Go check out the site for the full recipe!

3 – School’s Out!

This means no more morning rush trying to get breakfast into the kids, lunches into their lunch boxes, and the 3 of us dressed, cleaned and out the door. The kids are going to take it easy this summer and I’m ready for the pace to slow down a bit.

Cheers to summer! / Photo by K.N. Blackburn


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  • Bassfamily

    Love the pic Amy! We use Zucchini and cabbage AS spaghetti. Just stir fry it up and top with meat spaghetti sauce. The kids still get the pasta – one day, just maybe. I’ll get them to eat their veggies! Zucchini from the garden…..can’t wait! 

    • kimchi_mom

      do you just use shredded cabbage? i can’t wait to try this!

  • Azmina Aboobaker

    I am loving the Thursday Three series! 

    PS: That is a fantastic picture of you. I can almost feel your glee :)

    • kimchi_mom

      Thanks! I just hope I can keep it going!

      Much glee from a glass of G&T in one hand and a glass of bubbly in the other! :-)