Casual Kimchi

I’ve been a fan of Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen since my early days as a blogger. I visit her website EVERYDAY and always leave a bit more inspired and with a smile on my face (she’s as funny as heck).

So when I received an email from Jaden asking if I was interested in being featured on her website, I squealed like a tween who had been touched by the Bieber!

Now without further ado, please go check out my post and recipe for mak kimchi! And while you’re there, spend a little time on her site. You’ll be glad you did!


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  • J Kwon

    Congrats! The post looks great…glad to see the video on the page. I hope this generates more readers for your blog. Maybe there will be another kimchi competition this summer!

  • Sandy

    Oh, thank you so much for this recipe. I am a huge fan of kimchi, and used to buy it at my local grocery store. However, I want to make my own kimchi, and save money. Thank you!!!


    • AMY

      I did the same…I used to buy the kimchi, but it’s been great making my own. Have fun with it and adjust the seasonings and make it your own! Thanks for visiting!

  • Allen Garvin

    Thanks for the recipe! I’d been thinking about making some for a long time, and your clear, detailed instructions were just the inspiration I needed. I finished my first batch last night:

    The only problem was I wrote down the wrong amount of red pepper flakes on my shopping list, and had way too little; I ended up adding a bunch of chopped serranos.

    I can’t wait for it to be ready. I ate some raw last night and it was wonderful.

    • AMY

      So glad you tried it. Your kimchi looks awesome! I love the small jars!

  • Ando Muneno

    Is there a major difference in taste between this recipe and your summer of 69 kimchi recipe?

    • Ando Muneno

      Actually let me rephrase that: Is there a difference between using rice flower and just blending up cooked rice?

      • AMY

        So..there’s the textural difference not only with the cabbages but the sauce made with the rice flour is a bit more silky and toothy. I prefer it over the rice puree which is used in a pinch when rice flour is not on hand (assuming that there is always cooked rice around…frozen or in a pot!).

  • Jean Nuzzolo

    Hey Amy,
    Wow, your website looks AWESOME. Video too – impressive… Great job! I love it! I can’t wait to make your kimchi. Jean

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  • Sommer J

    HTF did I miss this???? I think we were traveling when this happened! on my waaaaaay!

  • Katie

    Is there any substitute for shrimp paste? My husband is allergic to shrimp. We love kimchi and I want to make my own but don’t know what to use instead. Love your site!

    • AMY

      Thanks so much! You can omit the shrimp and add more fish sauce. Adjust the amount by taste….you don’t want it too salty or too bland.