Voting opens for Challenge #3 of Project Food Blog!

Thank you for helping me advance to Round 3 of Project Food Blog! I’m here to ask for your support again!

Challenge #3 of PFB: Celebrate! You’ve made it this far, and the next challenge is to hold a party for your friends and family. Whether you’re an experienced host or an entertaining newbie, get creative and host a luxurious dinner party where your guests will discover new tastes and exotic flavors. Share your hosting secrets with readers, like how to cook for a crowd, plan a menu, or involve guests in the prep.

Click here to read my entry for Challenge #3: Cassoulet and Comfort

While advancement to the next challenge is primarily determined by fellow Foodbuzz Featured Publishers and the distinguished panel of judges, there is one lucky Reader’s Choice winner who automatically advances to the next challenge. This is where you come in! I’m competing against 399 talented contestants in this round so I need all the help I can get for that $10,000 grand prize!

Just click HERE to cast a vote for me or on the PFB icon in the left margin of his page. If you haven’t registered with Foodbuzz yet, you will have the opportunity to do so as you click through. Once you land on the page that allows you to vote, just click on the “heart” icon to vote for me.

Don’t forget to vote for my SF friends, riceandwheat and babychili!

You are not required to have a blog or obligated to participate in any of the Foodbuzz activities other than voting. But you are welcome to read other blogs in our growing food blogging community!

Voting opens on October 4th at 9 AM EST (6AM Pacific Time) and closes on October 7th at 9 PM EST (6PM Pacific Time).

Thank you in advance for your time and support! Really! I mean it!

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  • sippitysup

    I voted! GREG

    • Amy

      Thanks Greg! I also voted for your brilliant post!