Voting opens today for Project Food Blog!

While advancement to the next challenge is primarily determined by fellow Foodbuzz Featured Publishers and the distinguished panel of judges, there is one lucky Reader’s Choice winner who automatically advances to the next challenge. This is where you come in! By now, you’ve  read my blog entry, I am What I Eat, and have enjoyed it so much that you are compelled to vote for me! :-)  And with 1,800 other fabulous posts, I need all the help I can get for that $10,000 grand prize!

Just click on the Project Food Blog icon below (or the icon in the left margin) to vote! Click through and follow instructions. Remember, you have to register with Foodbuzz in order to vote and you’ll have an opportunity to do so as you click through!


Also, you can only vote for me once. You can distribute your other 399 votes to, say, baby chili, riceandwheat, lawyerloveslunch, and many others.

You are not required to have a blog or obligated to participate in any of the Foodbuzz activities other than voting. You are welcome to read other blogs in our growing food blogging community!

Voting starts today and you have until Thursday, September 23rd to register and vote!

Thank you in advance for your time and support!

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  • Lawyer Loves Lunch

    Woohoo, you’ve got my vote! And thanks for the shoutout! I’m totally pulling for all us (and I love babychili and riceandwheat as well) :)

  • May Ling Wu

    Good luck!! I love reading everyones entries!

  • angi

    Second what Azmina said – Thanks for the shoutout and I’m shouting right back at ya! Man, I want all of us to advance to the next round!! I mean, seriously, that second challenge is going to be like two years’ worth of rice&wheat right there – I already love it. ^_^

  • fooddreamer

    I loved your first post, so you are getting one of my votes!

  • jkk

    YES YOU CAN! 😛