Bon Appetit selected this hot chili sauce as their “Ingredient of the Year”. I’m sure most of you have a bottle of it in your fridge. The stuff has been around forever, but it’s now become a trendy little condiment. I was introduced to it years ago and it promptly replaced my bottle of Frank’s Red Hot which I still love. How do I use my Sriracha? It goes on my cottage cheese, eggs, pizza, ramen, and the list goes on. The other day I made my Sriracha mayo sauce for my fries. Soooo good. I usually use a 1:3 ratio (sriracha to mayo). It’s also awesome on sandwiches! Sometimes I add a teeny bit of sesame oil and call it my Bond Street Special. A sushi chef at Bond Street shared his recipe with me years ago. The Special goes great with maki rolls, kim bap, jun, burritos, and, well, you get the idea.

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  • Rachel

    Ben loves this stuff, too. But cottage cheese? that may be stretching it… 😉

  • A Kim

    Don't knock it 'til you try it! I have it for breakfast!

  • Marianna

    yum! makes me want pho for dinner!