Beef Curry Rice

Beef Curry Rice |

Japanese curry is a very popular dish ranking high in the comfort food realm. It's typically served with rice (curry rice), udon noodles (curry udon), or as a filling (curry bread). There is also katsu curry which is curry sauce served with breaded pork cutlet and rice. Tonight I served it over a bowlful of ramen. Curry ramen? Japanese curry sauce is velvety in texture, smoky in flavor with a touch of sweetness and heat. Carrots, onions, and potatoes are the more typical vegetables found in curry, and chunks of either chicken or beef complete the curry. Pork can also be used, but it's usually in the form of katsu (see above). When I was a kid, my mom made curry rice quite often. Admittedly it wasn't a favorite. It was one of the few dishes that I rarely craved, yet when my mom made it, I dutifully ate it. As an adult, my disinterest in curry had not changed...until now. A couple of months ago, during one of of the kids' piano lessons at Beurrista's house, I got a chance to chat ...

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Some Korean Flavor…

Shigumchi Namul (seasoned spinach) |

Mother-In-Law’s Seasoned Spinach (Shigumchi namul)

This is one of the first vegetable dishes that I remember from my youth and one of my favorites. Growing up, I remembered how spinach (and other vegetables) were portrayed as horrible, bland, and abhorred by all children. Every commercial, cartoon, and TV show taught us to reject the green vegetable. I was so puzzled….

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Miyeok Salad |

Miyeok Salad with Ponzu Dressing #GuestPost

I was beyond excited when my friend Alice Choi over at Hip Foodie Mom asked me to do a guest post! I met her through  #SundaySupper and I was instantly drawn in by her positive energy! She is super talented and if you haven’t visited her site, you have your chance today. Her writing is…

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Kalbi Jjim + Slow Cooker = Meaty goodness!

‘Tis the season for braised meat! My sister called me a couple of days ago for a Kalbi Jjim (braised short ribs) recipe. I had one scrawled on a sheet of notebook paper in my binder. I jotted the recipe down several years ago when I asked my mom for her (actually, my grandmother’s) recipe, but I…

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Hobak Jun or Fried Zukes

Jun (or jeon) is a typical Korean side dish and is quick and easy to make. The best thing about this dish is that my two toddlers love it…miracles of all miracles. I prefer the smaller zucchinis since they seem to have more flavor than the larger varieties and the small slices just seem right…

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