Connecting the Dots at the Food and Wine Conference #FWCon


If you follow my Instagram account then you were well aware that I was whooping it up a few weekends ago with my fanatic food tribe at the Food and Wine Conference in Orlando. If this is your first time hearing about the conference, the idea was conceived 3 years ago by a community of bloggers called Sunday Supper with our fearless leader Isabel Laessig of Family Foodie at the helm. This is my third year attending the conference and this time around it felt more like a reunion than a conference. Obviously, there were many who I've met before, met for the first time after chatting online, and of course many more who were totally new! I followed Andrew Wilder's advice and met at least 3 new people. Tribe, family, call it what you want. It was awesome to be completely surrounded by those who share the same passion. And I'm not just talking about us bloggers. The sponsors, speakers and brands truly impressed me with their devotion to their job and their passion ...

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Some Korean Flavor…


Don’t let your parsley turn into black goo!

  Parsley used to play the role as a limp garnish tossed carelessly on a plate. Then parsley’s PR group tried to get people to eat parsley by touting it as a breath freshener. Now parsley is elbowing its way to the forefront. Well, at least in this country. We love tabbouleh, parsley salad, pesto,…

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Bibim Bap!

Bibim bap, literally translated is “mixed rice” or as I like to call it, mix-leftovers-with-rice-because-I’m-too-lazy-to-cook bowl. This is a dish that I usually associate with summer since we ate a lot of it as a kid during the hot months. And with the abundance from my dad’s vegetable garden, there was an abundance of banchan….

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Spicy Pickled Garlic Scapes |

Spicy Pickled Garlic Scapes #SundaySupper

What are garlic scapes? They are the curly tops or stalks of a garlic plant. They are usually trimmed to help in the growth of a larger garlic bulb. Garlic scapes are typically at their peak in late spring, but it seems that everything is a bit delayed here in the Northeast this year. The…

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I’ve been juk-ed!

DH woke up one morning with a headache and flu-like muscle aches. Being the good Korean wife, I decided to make chicken juk. As an experiment, I added ginger and garlic as a nod to Out the Door (sister restaurant to The Slanted Door here in SF). I love how the essence of ginger adds…

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