Chicken Fried Steak #SundaySupper

Chicken Fried Steak #WeekdaySupper |

Growing up, my mom often hosted Christmas Eve dinner which was pretty much a repeat of Thanksgiving dinner right down to the turkey, but always a welcome feast. These days, my parents usually have dibs on Thanksgiving, but it has become that my siblings spend Christmas with their respective in-laws and for the last couple of years, my family and I have enjoyed a travel-free Christmas at home. We have had casual get-togethers with friends, but we quickly learned that Christmas Eve dinner doesn’t quite work especially when the kids are raring to go the following morning at an hour that is always just way too early after a night of indulgence. We’ve hosted Christmas brunch a couple of times. It’s much more relaxed with simple fare and everyone is in good spirits. So what comes to mind when you think brunch? Eggs? Pastries? Pancakes? That’s all fine and good, but if I see beef on the table, then I know I’m at the right place! It could be slow-cooked and shredded barbacoa or corned ...

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